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Is Film Still Worth Using in a Digital World?

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The last time I shot photos on film was when Polaroid announced that they were ceasing production of instant film. I bought as many boxes as possible. And when they ran out, I just kept shooting digital.

Recently a friend and collaborator of mine, Lilia Volodina (pictured below), asked if she could shoot some large format photographs here at Starlab. I was excited about the idea and asked her if she could use the film to take Starlab Studios staff portraits.

Large format film cameras are not in common use anymore. But most people know what they look like. You’ve seen them in old films and cartoons. And you’ve surely seen photographs produced with them. A large format camera is a type of view camera. The film plane is connected to the lens plane with bellows, much like an accordion. This is also the type of camera where the photographer has a cape or hood over their head while composing the picture.

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