STARLABFEST 2015 is this Saturday!

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It’s the end of the summer, and for us at Starlab, the end of summer means two things, and two things only: (1) it’s our last chance to get in our summer swim meets and (2) it’s time for STARLABFEST! (the 6th annual!). If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an all day outdoor rock-and/or-roll show happening this Saturday, August 22nd 12pm-9pm. As in years past, the event will feature two stages (the Narragansett Stage and the Safe Responsible Movers stage)  showcasing ten of the Boston areaʼs most exciting bands, including ZIP-TIE HANDCUFFS, THE NOVEL IDEAS, AMERICAN ECHOES, METH VALLEY, LUAU, ESH THE MONOLITH, BEACH TOYS, HALFSOUR, OLD SCHOOL GAME SHOW, and Ohio’s TWEENS! We’ll also have stand-up comedy from Sam Jay, Tim Hoffman, and Sam Ike!

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Starlab Studios Profiled by Scout Somerville!

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We’re honored to be in this month’s Scout Somerville, a bi-monthly magazine I first picked up when I moved to Somerville and have read religiously every other month since then.  The Scout is a local magazine focusing on all things and only things Somerville.
If you pick up this month’s farm-themed mag you will find out about “what’s growing on” (their pun, not mine – though I do love a good pun). The May-June issue covers everything from “green” businesses to parenting, as well as tips on what’s good to eat where, to new and expanding businesses (with a nod to our friends at Somervelo).
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Coalition Boston – Downtown’s Coolest Place to Work

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This past Wednesday, we were lucky enough to work with Boston’s Coalition co-working space in Downtown Crossing. Farhan Abbasi and the rest of the Coalition team invited us over to shoot a series of testimonial-style video spots for some of the businesses that operate out of the 101 Arch Street location.

The space is bright, clean, and well-organized — and, with its 19th-floor location, it features some impressive views of downtown Boston. The staff is very welcoming and helpful, and the entrepreneurs that spoke to us offered some great insight into what makes Coalition an inspiring place to work.

We look forward to returning to the Coalition offices in the next few weeks to finish shooting these spots, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the exciting stuff that the different businesses are achieving from this unique space.

Happy Earth Day, Earth.

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In honor of Earth Day, yesterday’s Google Doodle is a short quiz you can take to find your spirit animal. Naturally, no small business — and especially not a creative one like ours — can afford to operate without information like that. So we called a mandatory company meeting and each took our own Earth Day test.

Here are the results:

Marc, our head audio engineer, is — to no one’s surprise — a red-capped manakin.

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Somerville Beat runs feature on Starlab Studios!

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Somerville Beat writer Elyse Andrews ran a feature article on Starlab on Monday. In it she interviews General Manager Matt Price and Financial Manager Lisa Vidal. It’s a great piece on how we all came from different parts of the neighborhood and ended up together at our current spot.

Andrews calls us “a one-stop shop for bands and others who need a host of creative services,” which is exactly what we hope to be. Check out the entire article here.


Boston Globe recognizes Starlab for ‘fostering creativity’ in Somerville

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We were the most recent Sunday edition of the Boston Globe! Correspondent Wendy Killeen interviewed Richard Hawke, Matt Price, and Lisa Vidal for her Business Section piece on our studio.

In addition to some great quotes from the Starlab crew, Killeen calls our collection of creative staff the “perfect blend” of talent. You can check out the entire article here.


Is Film Still Worth Using in a Digital World?

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The last time I shot photos on film was when Polaroid announced that they were ceasing production of instant film. I bought as many boxes as possible. And when they ran out, I just kept shooting digital.

Recently a friend and collaborator of mine, Lilia Volodina (pictured below), asked if she could shoot some large format photographs here at Starlab. I was excited about the idea and asked her if she could use the film to take Starlab Studios staff portraits.

Large format film cameras are not in common use anymore. But most people know what they look like. You’ve seen them in old films and cartoons. And you’ve surely seen photographs produced with them. A large format camera is a type of view camera. The film plane is connected to the lens plane with bellows, much like an accordion. This is also the type of camera where the photographer has a cape or hood over their head while composing the picture.

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Starlab’s Favorite Spots in Union Square

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Somerville’s Union Square has been the subject of a whole lot of press in recent years, often appearing on the latest list of “Hippest Neighborhoods In The World.”. It also happens to be home to Starlab Studios, which began at a previous location on Prospect St. in 2009 and now lives on at 453 Somerville Ave. Three of our five core team members are Union Square residents. And I myself only recently moved elsewhere after a five year stay. Needless to say, Union Square has played a huge role in shaping Starlab. Read More