Starlab Studios is a full-service multimedia production studio.

What does “full-service” mean? Unlike most production studios, Starlab is fully equipped to nurture your project from start to finish. We have combined the creative minds and technical skill necessary to produce any multimedia project imaginable, all under one roof.

For example – You are a band that wants to record a new album with our audio engineer. From there, our creative director and videographer can work with you to develop, produce and edit the music video(s) to accompany the new release. Our photographer and graphic designer can shoot promotional shots and develop the artwork for the album as well.

Or – Your business wants a fantastic proof-of-concept video. Our project manager will take your original concept all the way from writing the script to editing the final version, while our in-house audio production team can score your project with custom music, written and produced onsite, to suit the taste and needs of your business.

Or – Your organization needs a promotional video to accompany a new press campaign. Whether you provide our team with a concept or we create it from scratch, we will then turn that concept into a fully realized video with custom music and accompanying photographs to enhance your website or other promotional materials.

Whatever the size of your project, Starlab Studios is here to make it great and stay within your budget. So whether you need our team to take the reins on your thirty minute instructional video, or you simply need to update your head-shot, Starlab Studios can do it all.

Audio Recording & Production

Composition & Scoring – Starlab’s head audio engineer, Marc Valois, and our network of exceptionally talented musicians will produce and record the soundtrack or score to your promotional video, radio spot, web series or any other project that would benefit from completely original audio content.

Tracking and Mixing – With Starlab’s custom built audio facility, designed by renowned acoustician Michael Blackmer, we are capable of recording and/or mixing any band, ensemble or solo artist, however large or small.  Learn more about the audio recording facility here ***

Voice-Over or Podcast – Take advantage of our sound-isolated studio to produce crisp, clean, and professional vocal content. We can provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to produce an inspired podcast, as well as a high-quality projector to allow for syncing voice-over content with video.

Demo Reel – We create a professional, streamlined environment for an individual or group to showcase their musical or vocal talents for the purposes of auditioning, building a portfolio or for personal use.

*** As we are currently undergoing further renovations to our specialized acoustic treatment, we will resume booking multi-track “full band” recording for October 2015 and beyond. Please get in touch directly to discuss any tracking needs prior to this date.

Video & Photography

Promotional Video Content – No matter the scale of your project, Starlab’s chief videographer, Richard Hawke, along with our creative team, can make an engaging, entertaining, and professional video for your business. Whether you have an idea for us or you want us to create a concept for you, we can write, shoot, edit, and score it, with your input along the way to ensure we meet the precise needs of your business.

Creative Video Content – Is your video sketch or web series script finally ready to be shot? We can take your screenplay, shoot it, edit it, score it, and export it for either the web or broadcast.

Acting Reels – Actors looking for updated reels can come to Starlab and take advantage of our in-house videography, editing, creative direction, and sound engineering services to make a dynamic and eye-catching reel, all in one location.

Promotional Photography – Need a new photo of the recently-renovated facade of your business? Or maybe your team has just added a new member and you want a new group photo? We can take great-looking stills for use in any media.

Product Photography – Have an exciting new product that your business is ready to market? We can create engaging photographs for your digital and print promotional materials.

Headshots/Portraits – Whether you are an actor looking to update your headshot, your business wants a fresh new staff directory for your website, or you simply want a great personal portrait as a keepsake, we have all the tools to make the experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We can do photo shoots in our studio in front of our white or green seamless backgrounds, or travel to an environment of your choosing.