We’re honored to be in this month’s Scout Somerville, a bi-monthly magazine I first picked up when I moved to Somerville and have read religiously every other month since then.  The Scout is a local magazine focusing on all things and only things Somerville.
If you pick up this month’s farm-themed mag you will find out about “what’s growing on” (their pun, not mine – though I do love a good pun). The May-June issue covers everything from “green” businesses to parenting, as well as tips on what’s good to eat where, to new and expanding businesses (with a nod to our friends at Somervelo).

The article written by Scout author (and friend of the Starlab) Emily Gaudette really nails what we’re trying to do: “Starlab sustains itself on efforts of a small and talented team. It’s the dream of something more that drives them, the ability to please clients with meaningful work and set aside time to produce their own art.”
It’s cool to see an outsider’s perspective like that. While we certainly want to produce great work, we also want to make sure we have a great working environment in which to do it. It’s nice to know that what we’re trying to do actually comes off as what we’re trying to do.
You can check out the full article by picking up a copy at any of the businesses that carry the magazine or read the current issue online here (though this link currently points to the previous March/April edition – the current magazine should be up soon.)